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Discover the authentic foods and wines of Tuscany

We are Nico and Deborah, the minds behind “La Bottega di Canneto”. Besides being a local shop, we have researched and carefully selected the most authentic local products of Tuscany to offer you the best that our territory has to offer.


All goods we sell – Wines, Extra virgin Olive Oils, Handmade Pasta, Sauces, Grappas and many others – are niche, genuine and high quality products (some of them are organic too). The small local companies that produce them are committed to offering unique delicacies, safeguarding the environment and with a great deal of attention to the health of our customers.

Never leave Tuscany!

Coming soon…

Besides tasting and buying your favourite products at our Bottega, we will also deliver them to your doorstep. A taste of Tuscany on your table.

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