Le Vizzate Syrah IGT Toscana red wine

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Le Vizzate Syrah IGT Toscana red wine – 1,5 l


The grapes come from Vizzate vineyard – after which this wine is named, where their vine variety has the optimal conditions needed to fully express its features. The grapes are harvested by hand in two steps (first around mid-September and again around the end of September) when they are fully mature. Upon arrival at the winery, the grapes are further selected before destemming them, and then softly pressed.

Fermentation takes place in truncated cone-shaped French oak tanks at a controlled temperature for about 15-18 days. During this time, the grapes are subject to punching down and delestage in order to adjust the extraction up to the moment of racking. For the new 12 months, part of the wine will be left to age in cement tanks while another part in barrels. During this period, the malolactic fermentation takes place too.

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1,5 l


Mid-late September


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