Spumante metodo classico

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Sparkling wine (classic method), Tenuta di Canneto

This is a vintage sparkling wine from 2015, mainly made with Sangiovese grapes (90%) with the addition of Chardonnay grapes (10%) to soften the exuberance of Sangiovese. It is the result of one of the most austere vine varieties, looked after with passion and strictness throughout its annual cycle. The experts of Tenuta di Canneto await the most suitable time to harvest the grapes, which is done early in the morning, in the cooler hours. Then, they press the grapes entirely and clarify the natural must. The vinification takes place in the most natural way possible so that it does not lose its typicality.

The classic method used by Tenuta di Canneto stems from the desire to make an authentic sparkling wine, taking advantage of the versatility of a traditional Tuscan vine variety like Sangiovese to create something unique. The production is limited and only counts 1800 bottles. These are entirely handled by hand, from the draft to the disgorgement occurring after 22 months of aging on the lees without any additional sugar. Sangiovese is clean and features delicate fruity hints on the nose that intertwine with those typical of yeasts. It might not be easy to trace back its scents, but it is impossible not to recognize its body and freshness on the palate, with a persistent and pleasantly acidulous taste.

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Sangiovese and Chardonnay




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